Mike Diamond, creator of The Campaign Method™ has advised scores of campaigns ranging in size from Federal or local, on all aspects of operations. Mr. Diamond owns and operates DemFiles.com. Before entering the field of politics he was responsible for developing mathematical pricing models and assessing risk for a leading Wall Street hedge fund. His full biography can be seen here

Mike's methods and targeting techniques are a key reason that Bucks County has reemerged as a Democratic power in the Philadelphia Suburbs. His insights are invaluable for local campaigners and his skills at voter targeting are unmatched."
-Brad Kirsch, Chairman - Warminster Democratic Party


"Pennsylvania needs Mike Diamond in the State Legislature. If you support my agenda, you should be supporting Mike Diamond."
-Governor Ed Rendell, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, on Mike's 2006 race.



Learn to Run a Winning Local Campaign in Just 8 Hours


Why the Campaign Method™ Works

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Why does the Campaign Method™ outshine books and other trainings offered to local, regional, and first-time candidates?

Simple—it distills the key insights and proven techniques that all winning campaigns utilize, all in a single 8-hour seminar. The Campaign Method™ is the only training out there that speaks to the needs and challenges of smaller campaigns, from State Senate on down.

All campaigns are not built equally. Rather than providing a cookie-cutter recipe, the Campaign Method™ delivers the tools and insight to run a successful campaign at local and regional levels. The Campaign Method™ is so effective because it reduces campaigns down to their core components, wipes away time wasters and prioritizes your time so that you can run the most efficient and successful campaign possible with the resources at hand.

Mike has been a featured speaker at Democratic Committees across the country because his Method™ works, and those who have put it to action have seen measurable results. After attending one of our seminars, over 95% of candidates and campaign managers reported that they were more confident in their ability to run a campaign, and that they had found the tools they were looking for in a campaign training. Formerly only available as a live seminar for the last six years, the Campaign Method™ is now available to candidates across the country for the first time via an interactive, online classroom.

Why the Method™ Works: Targeting's the Thing

Most campaign trainings are based on outdated, disproven techniques involving messaging worksheets and simplistic vote goals. Basic research into political science, voter decision theory, economics, and business practices all point to a better, more efficient method for running small campaigns. Approaches involving "bigger game" concepts that work for larger campaigns, like spending tons of time on new media and the "raise and spend" direct mail approach, have been discredited time and again by failures at the local level. The Campaign Method™ speaks to the needs of local campaigns and understands that not everyone can quit their job to run for office. It has proven itself over and over again in non-Federal elections of all shapes and sizes.

How does The Campaign Method™ do this?

The Campaign Method™ embraces the basic laws of how people make decisions, and mathematical truths utilized in business for decades to reach one simple conclusion: the more efficiently and intimately you reach voters with a compelling story (not just issues or talking points), the more votes you will obtain.

The Campaign Method™ will help you cut away inefficiencies and focus you with distinct steps to get your campaign off the ground and operating more effectively, all within 8 hours.

Candidates, organizers, and campaign workers who have successfully used the Campaign Method™ have realized measurable vote gains and greater economies of scale, all while utilizing fewer resources than they had been before.

The Campaign Method™ was developed in the field while working on scores of campaigns and through the analysis of hundreds of successful local and state campaigns.

What is the science behind the efficiency? The key is targeting: knowing who your voters are, how to efficiently reach them, and how to express your views in ways that touch them personally. The commonalities among top local campaigns and campaign practitioners were isolated and combined with the latest research into decision theory and voter behavior to provide you an easy, rapidly deployable campaign framework that will provide you the capability to run a top-notch campaign alongside the best campaign managers in the business. In 6 years and over 5,000 person-hours of investigation and experimentation, the Campaign Method™ has been repeatedly proven as the most effective step-by-step procedure in the world for increasing vote totals while saving you time and money in the process.

The Campaign Method™ is specially designed to get you the most votes in the least amount of time and with the smallest expenditure possible.

What will I learn with The Campaign Method™?

By participating in this comprehensive training, you will learn never-before-released secrets of local campaigning usually limited to professional campaign managers on well-funded races, including:

Field & Targeting

-How to accurately predict voter turnout.

-How to think about the electorate with the head of a campaign manager.

-Why targeted contact is almost always preferable to standing at the County Fair, and how to identify the very few times its not.

-The best and worst times to contact voters.

-How voters make decisions, and how to use this science to deliver your narrative.

-How to effectively recruit, train, and supervise a team of volunteers with different strengths and skill levels.

-How to deploy supporters to polling places on E-Day for maximum effect.

-The 7 items that need to be in every field kit.

-How to have picture perfect petitions, and how to challenge your opponent's petitions if they're fradulent or incorrect.

-Election law and how to use it to your advantage.

-Targeting skills and the 5 questions you need to ask when choosing your target universe.

-How to allocate human assets in the field to obtain the most votes.

-The top 5 "chum" money wasters.

-How to effectively place lawn signs.

-The trick to ensure that your lawn signs aren't stolen.

-How to deal with volunteers who waste your time.

-The secret formula to estimating your field capabilities and choosing the right sized target universe.

-How to write and EXECUTE a top-notch field plan.

-Why presence at the polls should be a crucial part of your campaign plan.

Finance & Fund Raising

-How to gently ask family and friends to support your campaign without it being uncomfortable.

-The correct language to use to maximize contributions from political donors.

-How to get the attention, support, and endorsements of PACs, unions, and community groups.

-The 3 mistakes most candidates make while fund-raising.

-How to write a realistic finance plan, and estimate your fundraising capacity.

-How to create a campaign budget that doesn't waste a dime and doesn't break the bank.

-How to throw great fundraising events, and when events are a waste of time.

-Why you shouldn't be intimidated by campaign finance reporting, even if you're not an accountant.

-How to stay on top of your finances and deal with campaign finance laws.


-Why the traditional “message” doesn't work.

-How to use your website, e-mail, and new media so they get you votes and don't bog you down and waste your time.

-How to formulate, test, and deliver a narrative.

-How to prepare for a debate, and how to use debates to your advantage, by speaking to your audience, not your opponent.

-The 3 keys to writing strong phone and door-knocking scripts.

-When its good to pay for advertising, and how to negotiate with advertisers to save 60-80%.

-How to put together effective literature, mail, signs, and flyers.

-How to put together an earned media event, and how to get press to show up.

-The tricks to get reporters to write what you want them to.

-How to work voter input and feedback from the field into your narrative and targeting schema.

-When and how to use specialty media like direct mail, blast e-mails, and robocalls.


-When political support is useful... and when its not worth your time.

-How to get committeepeople to work for you.

-How to effectively deal with elected officials, other candidates, and people in power.

-3 Ways to approach committees for support in a primary endorsement.

-How to get the most money and support out of your local and state parties.

-Relationships 101: How to leverage your candidacy to create new political and non-political opportunity.

-Using concepts from game theory to make the right political decisions.


-Time managment skills that allow you to run a campaign while balancing a full time job and family obligations.

-How to decide whether you're ready to run for office.

-How to pick the right seat, right District, and right time to run.

-The 5 questions to ask yourself before doing anything on a campaign.

-How your campaign is different from Barack Obama's or John McCain's, how it is similar, and how to tell the difference.

-Why big campaign tactics don't work on local races, and vice-versa.

What Does the Campaign Method™ Contain?

The Campaign Method™ guides you through each of they 5 key components to a sucessful campaign: Field, Communications, Finance, Operations, and Political. The program then walks you through the entire campaign timeline, all the while showing you what to do and how to do it, in order to get more votes and win on Election Day.

Getting votes is dependent on relating to people in a meaningful way. The Campaign Method™ is scientifically engineered to eliminate unproductive time-wasting campaign tasks and increase efficiency with simple, common-sense steps, all in just an 8 hour training. No obscure ideas or same old campaign training dogma: all science and all results, guaranteed.

You will experience the original Campaign Method™ seminar in real-time, as taught since 2006 by Mike Diamond. You will actively participate along with other candidates and campaign managers in this interactive seminar to increase your campaign's efficiency while saving time and money.

The Complete 8-Hour Campaign Method™ Seminar Includes:

One 8-hour, two 4-hour, or four 2-hour sessions in our state-of-the-art interactive online classroom.

The Campaign Method™ Guide Book and Seminar Worksheets

The Campaign Method™ Data and Modeling CD: Targeting tools you can use on your home computer to calculate vote goals, expected turnout, Election Day resource allocation, and much, much more.

Document Templates for all your Campaign Needs - Fundraising Letters, PAC Appeals, Volunteer Scripts and more.

All this, with admission for two people, for only $295!

Order by and receive a private half-hour phone or Skype consultation with Mike Diamond - a $75 Value - FREE!

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